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Resources to Support Myself

The following resources address the needs of individuals and healthcare/front line workers who are supporting themselves through grief during and/or related to COVID-19.

Resource Listing


“Get Over It…???”

Discusses why people often jump to telling us to "get over" grief and why this is not helpful.


“Psychology Works” Fact Sheet: Grief, Bereavement and COVID-19

This article provides brief information about several topics including death and dying, impacts on mourning, disrupted, complicated, or prolonged grief, and others.


“The Laziness of Grief”

Grief often takes a lot of effort and drains out energy. This article explains why grief can lead to less motivation and slows us down.



Tumblr’s tag for grief support- a place people can post and possibly receive support.


‘I Have to Live with the Tragedy’: Memorials Remembering 215 Indigenous Children Found Buried at Residential School

Discussions of memorials commemorating the 215 Indigenous children found at a residential school.


‘It is Bleak’: How the Pandemic Economy has Affected LGBTQ People

Information about how the LGBTQ community is being disproportionately financially affected by the pandemic.


‘Steamrolled Us In Every Direction’: The Year Grief Hit From All Sides

Narratives of people grieving for different reasons during the pandemic and coping with loss in isolation.


‘Wrecked Our Lives’: Families of 3 Young Adults Who Died from COVID-19 Share Heartbreaking Stories

Stories of three families who lost a youth to coronavirus.


10 Myths About Grief

Article outlines 10 myths about grief including that grief works on a timeline and has predictable stages.


5 Ways to Cope with Lifestyle Changes Due to Coronavirus

List of 5 ways to cope with lifestyle changes such as developing a new routine and finding creative outlets.


54 Ways to Say What You’re Feeling

List of emotion words.


6 Ways to Deal With COVID-19 Grief and Loss

Article gives an overview of death during the pandemic and how grief is complicated during this time. Then lists 6 copings strategies including naming your feelings and finding community support.